1.  What is the Michigan Master Gardener Association (MMGA)?

MMGA is the statewide support organization for Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) and Extension Master Gardener Volunteers in Training (EMGVITs) throughout Michigan.  To learn more visit our MMGA-About Us page.

2.  Do I need to renew my MMGA membership each year?

Yes, you renew your membership on an annual basis after you complete the re-certification process via the Volunteer Management System (VMS). We value your membership and hope you'll renew each year! We vow to try to keep our dues reasonable so that all EMGs can enjoy the benefits of membership. If you have questions about your renewal please email us at mmgainc1@gmail.com.

3.  How can I join and pay my dues to MMGA?

Fill out our online form  or download the PDF version. Payment options include check and credit card via PayPal. Instructions for completing payment are included with the form. If you belong to a local association, please check with them first. Many associations submit bulk payments for their members. Click here for the Chapter Individual Membership Dues Form.

4.  How will you know I have paid my dues through PayPal?

We receive notification from PayPal when your payment is made. We then match your payment to the form that you either submitted on the website or mailed to us. The form is very important as it allows us to match your payment to your VMS record and activate your membership in the system.

5.  What is the deadline for submitting dues?

The deadline for submitting dues for 2019 membership is April 1st.

6.  What if I am a new Extension Master Gardener (EMG) or an Extension Master Gardener in Training (EMGVIT)? How do I (or my chapter) submit my dues?

New EMGs or EMGVITs should complete the online form or the form in PDF format and follow the instructions for payment. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible after new members join so they can be added to the MMGA roster on the VMS and start receiving their benefits. EMGVITs can join us while attending Extension Master Gardener class. EMGVITs must complete the certification process to continue as an MMGA member.

7.  What if I didn’t recertify this year?

Unfortunately Extension Master Gardeners who have let their certification lapse can not be members of MMGA. You must complete the MSUE re-certification process each year to maintain a membership in MMGA

8.  Who do I contact with questions about my status as an Extension Master Gardener?

Check with your local VMS Ambassador.  A list of Ambassadors is provided on the VMS home page under state links.  They can help you with getting your volunteer and education hours entered onto the VMS system, with the re-certification process or just give you an update on your status.

If you have questions about your MMGA membership status, please contact us at mmgainc1@gmail.com.

9.  How can association officers or board members facilitate re-certification for their members?

Associations, whether affiliated with MMGA or not, can assist both MSUE and MMGA in the following ways:  

  • By offering assistance to members who are challenged by the re-certification process. By providing assistance to your members, you not only help with your own retention rate but also with the overall retention for the entire EMG program. One option is to set aside time with a computer available at summer and fall membership meetings so that those members who need help to enter their volunteer and educational hours can get ready assistance.

  • By collecting chapter member dues and MMGA dues simultaneously. It not only expedites dues processing when all of the chapter individual dues are submitted together, it also gives you an idea of who is a member of MMGA and thus covered by liability insurance. This information is especially helpful when planning programs and volunteer projects.

10.  What are the different payments necessary to maintain status as an Extension Master Gardener and a member of MMGA?

There are two separate payments to maintain your certification as Extension Master Gardener and membership in MMGA. The re-certification fee for Extension Master Gardeners is paid to MSUE. The fee is paid as part of the re-certification process which begins January 8 in the VMS. Once you have recertified as an EMG then you can renew your membership in MMGA.