Earning Certification, Staying Certified and
Earning Advanced Master Gardener Status

Earning your initial certification
You've taken the Master Gardener coursework and now you're ready to complete the requirements for certification. For your first year, you'll need to complete 40 approved volunteer hours within a year of completing the training program. Check with your local program coordinator or VMS ambassador for more details on volunteer opportunities available in your area.

Staying certified
To maintain your hard-earned Master Gardener Volunteer status you'll need to complete ten hours of approved education programming and twenty hours on approved volunteer projects each year.  Each year you will need to complete the re-certification process.  

Becoming an Advanced Master Gardener
To become an Advanced Master Gardener you'll need to complete an additional 50 volunteer hours beyond the 40 approved volunteer hours you completed to earn your certification.  To be an Advanced Master Gardener also requires completion of 25 education credits.  Both criteria must be met within five years of your original certification date. The total is cumulative - hours from each year are added together. Earning advanced certification does not replace your annual education and volunteer hour requirement for re-certification, rather it's in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to the Master Gardener Program.

If you have questions about recording your hours please contact your local VMS Ambassador.