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Significance of Native Plants in Native American Traditions (Grand Rapids)

Sponsoring Organization:  River City Wild Ones

Date:  October 16

Location: Bunker Interpretive Center @ Calvin College,  Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
Bunker Interpretive Center is located on Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve, 1750 East Beltline Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI

Description of Event:

We are all learning about the impact our native flora has on our native fauna, but what do those same plants mean to the indigenous people of Michigan? We will learn from Kevin Finney, Executive Director of Great Lakes Lifeways Institute about the role native plants played in cooking, healing, spirituality and other Native American traditions. We will also hear about ongoing efforts to preserve some of this rich cultural and biological heritage.

Bio: Kevin Finney is an educator and cultural historian whose focus is the life and history of Native Americans of the Great Lakes region. His organization, Great Lakes Lifeways Institute, "was founded in 2009 with a vision to embrace our region’s rich cultural and biological diversity, to draw strength from our roots and to enrich the lives of residents of West Michigan and broader Great Lakes Region through cultivating a sense of place." 

The Great Lakes Lifeways Institute's mission: "To preserve and share the heritage of the land, traditions, arts and culture of the Great Lakes Region as an enrichment of our communities and an investment in future generations."

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