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2016 MMGA

Sponsoring Organization: Michigan Master Gardener Association, Genesee County, Michigan

Date: Thursday, July 21, 2016

Start Time: 7:30AM

End Time: 6:00PM

Location : Four Star Proven Winners Display Gardens in Carleton, MI. & Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, MI.

Description of the Event: The bus driver will chauffeur us from Flint to Four Star Proven Winners Display Gardens in Carleton, MI. There we will see hundreds of Proven Winner plants in a multitude of settings sure to leave a gardener in awe. After a morning of gardener bliss, we will travel to the quaint historic town of Tucumseh to enjoy lunch at a restaurant of your choice. You will be on your own for lunch, but that will give you some time to visit an antique store, quilt store, or a wine and cheese shop before leaving for the last destination. A short distance away, we will travel to the 755 acre botanical gardens at Hidden Lakes in Tipton, MI. $45.00, A downloadable registration form is on the website

Education Credit Hours: 5

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