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Horticulture Therapy: Connecting People and Plants

MHTA 35th Annual Conference

Location:  Plant & Soil Sciences Building, MSU, East Lansing, Michigan

This conference features a variety of breakout sessions, educational displays and an optional visit to the MSU Indoor/Outdoor Children's Garden.

Supportive Nature:  Designing Horticultural Therapy Groups for Individuals with Dementia, Other Cognitive Challenges, & their Caregivers.

Keynote Address "Horticultural Therapy: A Continuum"  Nancy Chambers, HTR and Gwenn Fried. 
Sessions include;

“Tree of Life”; Sarah Sieradzki, OTR/L, CDP & Cynthia Hsko, Activities Assistant
“Accessible Gardening in the Community: The Need for Inclusive Community Gardens”; Ava HaberkornHalm, BA
“Beyond Aesthetics: Outdoor Spaces for Health and Well Being”; MC Haering
“From Seed to Tree: Changing a Culture Through the Practices of the Eden Alternative”; Todd Walter, MSW
“Accessible Therapy Greenhouse”; Jeremy Hodges
“Developing Cultural Competency”; Nancy Chambers, HTR
“Getting to the Root of Horticultural Therapy”; Cathy Flinton, HTR

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