As described on  "There are times in a gardener's life when what we want to do and what we can do are at odds. Our knees and backs may be complaining, our energy isn’t what it was – yet our desire to get our hands in the dirt is as strong as ever. Or maybe we’ve downsized to a much smaller outdoor space that doesn’t look promising at all. What to do? In Late Bloomer, garden designer Jan Coppola Bills shows us how to successfully rethink our approach to gardening as we age. The author is a second-half-of-life gardener who helps her many friends and clients achieve easy care, low cost, eco-friendly, simple and beautiful gardens. It’s all about maintaining a joyful, healthful connection with the soil – but without the toil. Late Bloomer is part garden philosophy and part on-the-ground strategies and tips from the author and expert gardeners across the U.S. With color photos on almost every page, this inviting and practical book is organized around the four tenets of the Late Bloomer philosophy: Simplicity. Beauty and Harmony. Comfort and Ease. Relaxation and Letting Go."  


And again, from "Neighboring with Nature is a gardening guide for people eager to foster a closer relationship with their local landscapes by planting gardens designed both for their ecological and aesthetic values. We have reached the point where our plantings can no longer be just ornamental or edible; we need to explore ways to increase natural areas and enhance biological diversity by connecting neighborhood gardens, yards, and community green spaces. This will reduce habitat fragmentation and provide a safe place for movement of the plants and pollinators that help maintain healthy ecosystems.The diversity of native herbs can offer something of interest to satisfy the mind, body, and spirit of every type of person. Along with all those attributes, wherever they grow, native and nonnative herbs contribute to the development of sustainable earth-friendly communities by attracting beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife. This book will show you how to "neighbor with nature" for your benefit and the benefit of wildlife."


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