Mary Wilson, State Coordinator of the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program, shared the 2016 summary of of the EMG Program with those attending the 2017 Master Gardener College last June.

We'd like to pass those figures on to all of you, as our stats are pretty impressive.

There are almost 4,000 total participants in the EMG program (3,991, to be exact).  3,265 are actual EMG's and we operate in 75 counties.

In 2016, MSU trained 646 new volunteers in 46 counties at 14 training sites!

We reported 397,410 personal contacts educating the public. You read that correctly: we reached almost 400,000 people.  Let's shoot for half a million in 2018!

We logged 170,380 volunteer hours, which translates to an economic value of $4.11 million dollars.  

We reported 39,485 continuing education hours.

And we drove 880,735 miles while doing all of this.

MMGA applauds each and every one of us, and would like to remind you that these reports are based on each of us entering our hours, contacts, and miles driven in a timely fashion into the VMS system.  Let's make 2017 our best year ever and let's make sure we record everything we do.  And let's make sure that we have all of this entered before the end of December!