Travel within 50 to 100 miles

Travel within 50 to 100 miles

Rufus Issacs
Dept. of Entomology, MSU, 578 Wilson Rd. East Lansing, MI 48824
517-242-2532 [cell]
Preferred contact method - email

Honorarium:  $100 to benefit the MSU Vegetables and Insect Pollinators Garden
Travel:  no more than 100 miles from East Lansing, mileage at 56 cents per mile

Gardening Education:  Professor of Entomology

Gardening Experience:  40 years home gardening

More about Isaacs:  Director of the Berry Crops and Pollination lab at MSU, co-designer of the Vegetables and Insect Pollinators Garden at MSU, co-developer of the website and materials therein, keen home gardener with wildflowers, vegetable, and fruit.


Glen Pace
2426 Delwood Dr., Clio, MI 48420-9112
(989) 244-4029  [Home]
(810) 247-4582 [cell]
(810) 687-2512 [Gardens]
Preferred contact method:  either phone or email

Honorarium:  $100.00 + driving
Travel:  100 miles with gas/time reimbursement

Presentation Topics:  

Cypripedium Orchids, Woodland plants, shade gardening, grafting Japanese Maples

Gardening Experience:   Pace Gardens in Clio

Mr. Pace has a desire to grow the unusual, weird and rare plants of both native and non-native origins.  Visits to Pace Gardens are made by appointment only.


Carol DeVries

address:       13330 40th Marne, MI
cell phone:   (616) 915-9744
Honorarium:  $25.00 to $75.00 plus mileage,  depends on size / resources of group.  Happy to skip honorarium if a good cause. 

Speaking Topics:

Additional Presentation Topics
Have to come up with a speaker for your group?  Here are some additional talks that I would be happy to share with you.  All are PowerPoint presentations filled with lovely photos.
Discovering Daylilies – An overall introduction to a bloom that is so often under appreciated.  After viewing some of the incredible variety in daylily colors, shapes, and sizes; your interest in these workhorses of the garden will be awakened.  Colorful pictures and down to earth direction on things to look for in a good daylily, general care of them, three methods to propagate, how to landscape with them, what that catalog terminology actually means, and ways to find them.  An informative handout will be provided.  In the end the wonderful world of Hemerocallis is opened to you.  (Talk available in hour and half hour versions)
Surviving Your Garden - Keeping your garden lovely shouldn’t make a wreck out of you!  So let’s open my bag of tricks in this power point presentation and look at what I have discovered that helps to make maintenance of our gardens less of a chore.  There is plenty of advice on how to do it perfectly, this is the talk on how to get it done.
Equipment – What equipment actually works, and some new ideas
Instructions – Easier ways to do things
Plants – Overcoming issues with commonly grown plants
Compost – Simplifying creating and using compost
Garden Layout – How to have the layout work for you

Seasonal Steps - We love our plants don’t we?  But why do we always start with so much eager anticipation in the spring only to end up with a weedy mess by August?  It doesn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t have to make a wreck of us to have it looking nice all year.  What it takes is some intentional thought on the timing of what we do.  This talk explores some simple changes in the timing of what we do and how it can simplify and beautify our gardens.

Winning Against Weeds – Weeds are the enemy of all gardeners and the single most hated thing we deal with in our gardens.  But how much time have we actually spent studying them and how best to approach ridding ourselves of them?  This talk will explain the various types of weeds and how best to deal with them.  In the vein of ‘knowing your enemy’ here is a chance to study the bane of all gardeners.

Can You Dig It? (Soil) – Sure we all know we need a balanced Ph.  But what does the term even mean and what does really do to our plants?  This talk is a detailed look at soil issues and how to cope with them.

Beasts of Burden – There are so many animals and bugs that create issues for us.  We all have been given advice on how to deal with them.  But then we spend the money and time and our plants are still under attack.  So what really works?  This talk explores what works and what doesn’t.
Hosting a Hosta – An overall introduction to a mainstay of the shade garden that is so often under explored.  After viewing some of the incredible variety in Hosta colors, shapes, and sizes; your use of these shade garden workhorses will be expanded.  Colorful pictures and down to earth direction on things to look for in a good Hosta, general care of them, propagation, how to landscape with them, and what that catalog terminology actually means.    
Gardening with a Purpose – Encouragement to get outside and enjoy gardening.  While talk is aimed at seniors, it is applicable to anyone who needs a little encouragement.  Offering some ideas on how to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, it doesn’t all have to be about pulling weeds!  Also some tips on approaching gardening with some adaptive tools.

Résumé:  Carol DeVries – 616-915-9744
Advanced Master Gardener
Opens her garden as an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden
Five years as president Grand Valley Daylily Society
One year as president Grand Valley Dahlia Society
2008 Volunteer of the Year for the Master Gardener Program
2004 Volunteer of the Year for the Junior Master Gardener Program
Three years as Chair of the Stuck on Gardening Tour by the Kent County Master Gardeners
Featured twice on the Master Gardener Tour and numerous other tours
Gardens on 2.5 acres with a little over an acre of actual gardens, including sun, shade, irrigated and not.
Likes an informal approach to speaking and will welcome your questions