Travel within 100-150 miles

Sandra Wilkins
7469 Hunters Ridge, Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 536-4304
(517) 414-0885
Preferred contact method:    either phone or email

Amount I charge:  mileage and accommodations
Travel:  2-3 hours from Jackson  

Presentation Topics:

Art in the Garden
Discover the artist in you.  We will look at art as a verb and explore the way we use art in our gardens and in our everyday world.

Landscaping and Beyond - The Right Stuff and a Little Fluff
How do you take a little corner of the world and make it uniquely yours?  How can the landscape best compliment your home and yet, reflex your individual personality?  [A two hour power point presentation encompasses lots of basic principles, techniques and illustrations.]

Flip This Garden
When a garden is in its infancy or after seasons of time - it will need a flip.  Lots of before and after pictures on how to make dramatic changes to your landscape.  

Chores, Challenges and Celebrations
A year in the garden.  A month by month study at what needs to be done in the ornamental garden, the difficulties encountered, and the great joy we receive.

The Heartbeat of the Garden
What makes one garden unique and different from another?  If gardener’s use the same basic principles of landscape design, why don’t they look the same?  The answer lies in the heartbeat.  We will look at several different gardens in this PowerPoint lecture and discover what the heartbeat of the garden really is.

How to Keep Your Dream from Becoming a Nightmare
Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Icing
A study of art objects  and their uses in the landscape garden.

Gardening for the Sense of It!
The more senses employed the more profound the experience!  We will look at gardening using all the senses, including some you may not have thought about.

More than just Curb Appeal
A look at what curb appeal really is, how it has developed, ways to make our own better, plus some fun driveways to critique together.

The Universal Language and Some of My Favorite Conversations
Plants around the world, botanical gardens, natural niches around the world.

On the Street where you Live
The history of gardens and our love affair with them.  

Gardening Education:   numerous classes on all levels

Gardening Experience:  The Wilkin’s are avid shade gardeners.  Sandy and her husband, Jim have designed and planted 3.5 acres east of Jackson, MI.  They love working in the gardens and especially sharing it with friends.  Their garden was featured on the local television series, “Where we Live”, the American Hosta Society National Convention, International Conifer Society Tour, highlighted in the Michigan Gardener magazine, and has hosted many other events and garden tours annually.
Sandy has been past president of Indianapolis Hosta Society, vice president of the American Hosta Society, regional director AHS Great Lakes Region, mother of the Hosta College, an annual event hosting 500 gardeners, founder and past president of Garden Lovers of Jackson, as well as Christian speaker and garden lecturer.
Sharing not only her own garden, but her enthusiasm and love of gardening in general, Sandy has also, through personal consulting and PowerPoint lectures, taken great joy in sharing that love and knowledge with others.
A picture paints a thousand words, they say.  If so, these programs are power packed with words!  Actually, lot of pictures, ideas, fun and perhaps a different way of looking at the garden all around us.

Louise Shoksnyder
3790 Hiawatha Trail, National City, MI
Preferred contact method:  Email


  • Butterfly and/or hummingbird gardening
  • Bulbs - spring and summer
  • Container Gardening
  • Perennial Gardening

Gardening Education:  Advanced Master Gardener with many hours of continuing education.  Master Gardener training in 1994 in Oakland County.

Gardening Experience:  Gardening since childhood, worked as a professional gardener from 1997-2005

Garden Clubs:  Rochester Branch Woman's National Farm & Garden, Tawas Bay Garden Club

What I charge:  $25-$30

Travel: - No fees for travel.  Will travel as far west as Lansing and also willing to travel to the Detroit area.

Other information:  President, Sunrise Side Master Gardener Association, Inc., Speaker's Bureau - Oakland MSUE - 1995-2005, Speaker's Bureau - Sunrise Side Master Gardener Association - 2006-Present, English Teacher who has also worked as a substitute, Michigan Division President Woman's National Farm & Garden Association.

Not available from January to mid-April.


Brian VanPatten
10294 N Linden Rd, Clio, MI
Business:  810-618-2529
Mobile:  810-618-2529

Topics: Tree Care Practices, Invasive terrestrial plants and insects, Tree defect identification, tree risk assessment, Tree identification: summer and winter, Community plantings, Pruning workshops, Woody Ornamental Care, Fun Vines, Foraging. Tree Valuation. Have been speaking for the Genesee County Master Gardeners for years and presenting workshops at the Arboretum where I work. National Speaker and continually creating new presentations, so ask me for what you want!

Gardening Education: B.S. Forestry from Michigan Tech, State of Mi registered forester, Certified Arborist: Municipal Specialist, Advanced Master Gardener, Conservation District Board Member, Certified Tree Risk Assessor, 5 years as Forestry Technician, 15 years and currently Horticulturist for a Nature Preserve and Arboretum

Gardening Experience: Former Master Gardener, Horticulturist involved with tree selection, care and planting in Arboretum, Responsible for all garden installation including interesting vines, native shade gardens, ornamental perennial gardens, rain gardens, grass gardens, interesting woody ornamentals, Garden maintenance including, but not limited to, pruning, design, Integrated Pest Management, Diagnostics, treatments including organic, conventional, and tree injections. Coordinate a community vegetable gardening facility and Hoop House, Worked as Urban Forester for 5 years and am familiar with challenges related to city trees. Have been involved with tree valuation court cases and have performed tree risk assessments. Have taught Woody Ornamentals portion of MG Class for Genesee County.

Specialties: All tree care, workshops on Tree Identification in Winter and Summer, Invasive plants and pests.

What I charge: For MG chapters...$100 per hour presentation, longer workshops and specialized presentations, negotiable, extra mileage reimbursement after 50 miles one way.

Travel: Within 150 miles of home

Other Information: Love my work and excited to give knowledge to others, Funny and gregarious with a depreciating self humor. Try to really engage the audience I am trying to reach and depart helpful tips that the audience can instantly put in to use. Excellent with longer tree I.D. and other workshops.