The work of the Michigan Master Gardener Association is provided by an all-volunteer board and volunteer committees that help guide the organization's communications, membership development and finances.   For more on the structure of the board and the bylaws of the organization, please click here.

To learn more about the organization and opportunities for you to volunteer please contact one of the board members or email us at

Executive Committee Members

NAME AND MMGA POSITION:  Ruth Steele Walker, President, Communications Committee [Chairperson],
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION: Marketing Communications Consultant.  I retired as Advertising Manager of Farmers Insurance Company and promptly flunked retirement.
LOCAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION:  Master Gardener Association of Northwest Michigan
HOBBIES: Reading murder mysteries and thrillers and lots of gardening books, walking our seven year old lab Brit, sewing, knitting and stomping out invasives -- both native and non-native like Tree of Heaven and Sumac.
FAVORITE DRINK: Wine, water and coffee
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW: Perennials - native and adaptable.  I love color in my garden and lots of blooms at all seasons!  I also love to grow culinary herbs and occasionally try my hand at topiary and bonsai.
WHY I GARDEN:  It's part of my heritage.  My farmer father grew fruit - cherries, apples and prunes while my city-born and bred mother mowed about an acre of orchard grass for lawn and surrounded that with seven flower beds and her "naturalized garden" which would be called a native garden today.  Some of the earliest photos of me are in her gardens!
SOMETHING MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU:  I once had the opportunity to interview Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

NAME AND MMGA POSITION:  Diane Zeimen, Vice President, Membership Committee [Chairperson], Finance Committee, Nomination Committee, Leadership Committee
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION: I'm supposed to be retired.
LOCAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION: Alcona Master Gardener Association
HOBBIES:  I like to cook, read, garden, and do whatever else strikes my fancy.
FAVORITE TRAVEL LOCATION: I like to travel to somewhere I've never been before.
FAVORITE DRINK:  I love hot chocolate.
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW:  I like to grow everything.
WHY I GARDEN: It relaxes me and I always have something to show for my efforts.


NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS:  Linda Andriacchi, Secretary, Communication Committee, Leadership Committee
HOMETOWN: Marquette (born and raised) and Ishpeming (current)
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION:  Office manager/secretary working with both my husband and son in our law office in Ishpeming.
HOBBIES:  I love gardening, learning about gardening, shopping for new and exciting plants and teaching gardening subjects.
FAVORITE TRAVEL LOCATION:  My favorite travel location is anywhere there is either a gardening related educational seminar or amazing nurseries.  Mackinac Island, Detroit area, Grand Rapids, Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin, and the Chicago area to name a few. 
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW: I am a plant collector and like to grow new and unusual ornamental plants. My dream would be to open a garden shop specializing in new and unusual plants. I would love to have a Proven Winners Signature Garden.  I am also experimenting with vegetables and other edible plants.  I garden because it is the best time to solve problems, create beauty, and work with nature.  Watching the bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, fish and other wildlife gives me pleasure.  Seeing them throughout the garden enjoying themselves and their antics makes me happy.
WHY I GARDEN:  I am an Advanced Master Gardener with an area of specialization in garden design, member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Master Gardeners Association, Inc., member of the Board of Directors of Partridge Creek Farm, Inc., the Chairperson of the Ishpeming Beautification Committee, EMSUE Smart Gardener, member of the Northern Michigan University Women's Garden Group and I teach Gardening 101 for Community Schools in the spring.  I love teaching gardening related subjects hopefully spreading my enthusiasm and love of gardening to others.  It makes me very happy to see someone I have taught go further to become a master gardener. Working with the City of Ishpeming and the volunteers, seeing their joy and hearing their excitement when they are working in their designated gardens, is very gratifying.  Having the City implement my ideas into their various projects makes me proud and happy knowing that I helped them create something beautiful and an environment enjoyable to live in.

NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS: Colleen Gabrielle Petersen, Treasurer, Finance Committee [Chairperson], Communication Committee, Leadership Committee
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION: I own a software development firm that specializes in mobile-ready websites and applications.
LOCAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION: West Michigan Master Gardener Association
HOBBIES: Piano, Guitar, Reading, Playing board games, gardening
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW: Native plants and vegetables
WHY I GARDEN: I grew up gardening with my Mom and it’s always been a part of my life. I’m a geek – being outside is not something I generally enjoy. Gardening gets me out there doing something that I love

MMGA Board Directors

NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS: Sue Ann Aagaard, Director, Communications Committee, Leadership Committee [Chairperson], Past President
HOMETOWN: Greenville, Michigan
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION:  Speech and Language Pathologist [retired]
LOCAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION: Montcalm Area Master Gardeners Association
HOBBIES: Travel, Arabian horses, photography and gardening
FAVORITE TRAVEL LOCATION: Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Canada, England and Michigan
FAVORITE DRINK: water, wine, infused drinks
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW: peonies, lilies, lilacs and native plants
WHY I GARDEN: to be close to nature and I enjoy sharing flowers from my garden with friends and family.  I also like taking pictures of flowers and nature.  

NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS: Belinda Laughlin, Director, Finance Committee, Membership Committee
HOMETOWN:  Mt. Pleasant, MI
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION: Director Field Services, Special Olympics Michigan Inc.
FAVORITE TRAVEL LOCATION: Any place with my husband
FAVORITE DRINK: White Zinfandel or Mike's Hard Lite Lemonade
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW:  Everything but roses
WHY I GARDEN:  It is cheaper than therapy and I get tomatoes!


NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS: Vicki Laurin, Secretary, Communications Committee
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION: Retired, but works part time as a book merchandiser at Michaels Arts and Crafts.
LOCAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION: Master Gardeners of Genesee County
FAVORITE DRINK: Too many to have just one!
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW: My new favorite, hydrangeas. 
WHY I GARDEN:  It's a great stress reliever, and I enjoy the benefits of seeing the beautiful flowers in bloom.


NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS: Melville Kennedy, Director, Communications Committee (Facebook content provider), Membership Committee, Leadership Conference
HOMETOWN:  Davison, MI
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION:  Retired, US Navy.  Seasonal Grounds Employee at Ruth Mott Foundation, Applewood Estate, Flint, MI
LOCAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION OR CHAPTER:  Master Gardener Association Genesee County Chapter (MGAGCM)
HOBBIES:  Gardening and beekeeping
FAVORITE DRINK:  Spring water with lemon
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW:  Vegetables
WHY I GARDEN:  I grew up gardening with my Mom and it's a great stress reliever.  I love plants!

NAME AND MMGA POSITIONS:  Norman Scherr, Director, Membership Committee, Finance Committee, Nomination Committee
PROFESSION/OCCUPATION:  Engineer (Electrical and Software)
HOBBIES:  Flying aircraft (models and real), volunteering, golfing
FAVORITE TRAVEL LOCATION:  All points USA with the kids and grandkids
FAVORITE DRINK:  Iced tea (real, unsweetened with lemon from Long Island)
WHAT I LIKE TO GROW:  veggies (all kinds), orchids, roses, bonsai
WHY I GARDEN:  I like to be at ground level sometimes.
 SOMETHING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU:  I like to visit East Lansing to see the Green.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Committee Members

Michelle Chockley, Finance Committee
Flushing, MI

Advisor to the board:  
Mary Wilson, State Coordinator
Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program