All Certified Master Gardeners in good standing are eligible for membership in Michigan Master Gardener Association (MMGA).  A Michigan Master Gardener in good standing has fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Either completed the requirement number of volunteer and education hours needed for certification or re-certification.

  • As a recertifiing Master Gardener you have paid you $20 re-certification fee to Michigan State University

Included in the definition of a Master Gardener in good standing are Master Gardener Volunteers in Training (MGVIT).  MGVITs have completed all classroom work and are now working to complete the required volunteers hours to become certified as a Master Gardener.  A MGVIT must be within the one year period allowed to complete required hours to become a member of MMGA as a MGVIT.

Payment of the $5.00 membership fee completes the requirements to be a member of Michigan Master Gardener Association.


The MMGA membership dues submission form for individual members can be downloaded, completed and returned to MMGA with your check for $5.00.  The address for sending in your dues is listed on the form along with mailing instructions. If you have questions about your dues submission please email us at Click here to download and print the membership form. Please note: All submissions will be applied to 2019 Member Dues.


For your convenience MMGA also accepts dues payments via PayPal.  When using PayPal to submit your dues, please be sure you use the same email address you have listed on your Volunteer Management System record.  When you do, it makes it easier for us to avoid any confusion by easily locating your record and promptly crediting your membership payment.

Here are a few other helpful suggestions and information to expedite the process when you use PayPal to submit your membership payment:

  • Avoid using a PayPal account that belongs to someone else. When you use a PayPal account that does not belong to you, we get a payment in the other person's name and email address. Unfortunately it's not always easy to connect the PayPal account name with the name on our Master Gardener records and there may be a significant delay in crediting your payment.

  • You don't have to set up a PayPal account to pay your dues online. You can make a one-time payment using your credit card. Just click the Pay Now button on our website.

  • When you pay online, either complete the online form or download the PDF version available by clicking here to complete your membership record.

Please note: All submissions will be applied to 2019 Member Dues.


The Michigan Master Gardener Association encourages Affiliated Member Chapters and other local chapters to submit dues for their members.  If your chapter does this, please include a list of the Michigan Master Gardeners for whom you are submitting membership payments. Click here to download and print the Chapter Dues Submission Form. Please note: all submissions will be applied to 2019 Member Dues.

Here are a few helpful hints to help speed the processing of your member's dues when you're submitted them for a full chapter:

  • Please do not include individual Master Gardeners on your list whose dues are not included your payment.

  • New members and late payment members can be submitted by the chapter as they become members or as their dues are received.

  • New members and late payment members can also submit their dues by downloading the individual membership form and mailing it in with their $5.00 payment. Chapter members submitting the individual form need to provide the name of their chapter.

 As always, contact us at with your questions.