Membership dues in Michigan Master Gardener Association, Inc. (MMGA) are $5.00 annually for each Certified Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) and each Master Gardener Volunteer in Training (MGVIT) who is within the calendar year following completion of the Master Gardener classes. Renewal dues payment deadline is March 1st.

For website submissions of your application and dues please follow these two simple steps.
1.  Make payment using the PayPal feature.   Please use a PayPal account that is in your name and uses the email address you submit on your form so that we can easily match your payment with your application.

2.  Fill out the form below.  When you have filled out all the applicable sections then scroll down and click on the SUBMIT button.  Sections marked with an asterisk (*) are required and must be filled out.

A receipt for your dues payment will be sent to the contact email address provided on this form.

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