Thank you for your interest in membership in the Michigan Master Gardener Association, Inc. (MMGA). Our mission is to support MMGA Michigan Master Gardeners, allowing them to continue their generous volunteer efforts to improve the quality of life in our communities.

The MMGA was created in 2012 after Michigan Master Gardeners like you expressed their desires that this valuable volunteer program continue, despite an unavoidable restructuring of MSU Extension generated by federal and state economic cut-backs.

Our strength and success depends on the support of Michigan Master Gardeners like you. Membership is open to every currently certified Michigan Master Gardener and every new volunteer in training currently working on their basic certification. The individual membership fee allows the MMGA to continue to provide liability insurance coverage for our members while they are volunteering. Your membership helps us keep this insurance affordable for everyone.

Additional benefits of members in the MMGA include:

  • Excellent educational opportunities, such as the annual Master Gardener College, offered through a partnership between MMGA and MSU Extension.
  • Ongoing communications sharing information of interest to members like you.

For a summary of the benefits of being a member of MMGA, click here.

The MMGA also helps support local chapters with best practices in member recruitment and organizational leadership.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to ensure the continued success of the Michigan Master Gardener program. It's easy to join; simply complete the Individual Membership Dues Form and mail it to the address below with your check made out to MMGA for $5.00 or use the PayPal option (see instructions and button below).

1728 Green Ave.
Bay City, MI

Thank you for continuing support of the Michigan Master Gardener program. 

Paying Online:

If you prefer to pay online you can use the convenient PayPal Subscribe button on this page.   Just click and follow the instructions.  You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay using PayPal.   A credit card is all you need.

Chapter Dues Payment Form

Individual Dues Payment Form

Michigan Master Gardener Association Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Michigan Master Gardener Association? (MMGA)
MMGA is the statewide support organization for Master Gardeners and Master Gardener Volunteers in Training throughout Michigan. More information is available on our website at

2.  Do I need to renew my MMGA membership each year?
MMGA hopes that Master Gardeners will maintain their membership by paying annual membership dues. You must be certified as an MSUE Master Gardener to maintain membership in MMGA.

3.  How can I join and pay my dues to Michigan Master Gardener Association?

a) USPS (by mail): You can find an Individual Membership Form and instructions on the MMGA website at Download and complete the form then mail it with your check covering dues payment to the address listed on the form. Cost of membership is $5.00.

b) Pay online. Select PayPal option (subscribe button). Please follow information provided on website on how to use PayPal. PayPal will assist with payment once you select that option. PayPal will also issue you a receipt for your payment. Be sure your PayPal is NOT set for recurring payment.

c) Dues payments submitted by your local chapter. Check with your chapter to see if they are collecting and submitting dues before your selection of the options listed above.

4.  How will MMGA know I have paid the dues through PayPal?
A notification is sent to MMGA when payment is made. Your name and email address is forwarded. When using PayPal, you need to use the email address listed on your VMS record for easy identification so that you can be verified as a current MG and listed as a members of MMGA.

5.  What is the deadline for submitting dues to MMGA?
Individual (Master Gardeners at Large) dues deadline is March 1st
Chapter submitted dues deadline is April 1st.

6.  What if my chapter has new members or MGVIT? How do we submit their dues?
: New members or Master Gardener Volunteers in Training can complete an Individual Membership Form and mail it to the MMGA Treasurer with payment. Chapter can collect for new members and submit (using Individual Membership Forms) as soon as possible so they can be added to the MMGA roster on the VMS. MGVIT can join MMGA while attending Master Gardener Class by paying the membership fee. MGVITs must be a certificated Master Gardener by the end of the one year period allowed to complete basic certification hours.

7.  What if I didn’t recertify this year?
A7: Master Gardeners who have let their certification lapse cannot be members of MMGA. MMGA by-laws state a member of MMGA must be a Master Gardener in Good Standing. Good Standing means being a currently certified Master Gardener with MMGA dues paid. A Master Gardener who has let his or her certification lapse cannot be a member of MMGA. When a Master Gardener completes the recertification process subsequently, that MG can then be a member of MMGA. Membership must be renewed annually.

8.  Who do I contact with questions about my status as a Master Gardener/MMGA member?
A8: VMS Ambassador (list is provided on VMS home page under state links)

* Hours (volunteer and educational) completing or entering them onto the VMS Re-certification process or status or I you need assistance

MMGA - If you have questions about MMGA membership, contact us at

9.  How can chapter officers or board members facilitate recertification for its members?
Chapters and Affiliated Chapters can assist MMGA by:

  •   Collecting their chapter member dues and MMGA dues simultaneously. The chapter can submit their entire membership’s dues at one time. This gives the chapter leadership the knowledge of who is a member of MMGA and who is covered by the MMGA insurance when planning programs and volunteer projects.

  •   Offering assistance to computer-challenged members, snowbird members, or members who are challenged by the recertification process. Assisting chapter members will help with member retention. One option is to have a computer available and set aside time at summer and fall monthly membership meetings where those needing help to enter hours have ready assistance.

    10.  Explain what payments I need to make to be a Recertified Master Gardener, members of MMGA and a chapter members.
    Recertification fee, set by Michigan State University Extension, is $20.00 if paid by the January deadline. MMGA dues are $5.00 per person and are due by March 1 for individuals. A chapter has February and March to finalize collecting dues to have them submitted to MMGA by April l. Chapter sets and collects their chapter dues. Check with your local chapter for the dues amount and payment due date.