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Citizen Foresters Detroit 2017 Fall Training (Gibralter)

Citizen Foresters Detroit 2017 Fall Training (Gibralter)

Sponsoring Organization: Citizen Foresters Detroit

Date: September 23

Start Time: 10 am

End Time: 2 pm

Location : 14473 Middle Gibraltar Rd, Gibraltar, MI 48173

Description of the Event: 

Join us for an excellent and educational day of Planting Trees in Girbraltar, Michigan.
Learn proper tree planting techniques and learn tips on volunteer management as well as tool safety.

If you are 16 or older, have a passion for the environment, love digging in the dirt, come to Gibralter and begin your journey to becoming a Citizen Forester and joining the best volunteer workforce in Detroit!

Education Credit Hours: Please check with your Extension Agent

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