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Native Thistles: Important and Misunderstood Plants for Conservation (online)

Sponsoring Organization: Southern Regional Extension Forestry & USDA NRCS Science and Technology

Date: July 25

Start Time: 2 pm

End Time: 3 pm

Location : online

Description of the Event: 

Learn about the value of native thistles to pollinators and other wildlife, the precarious conservation status of native thistles, and ways we can conserve the wide diversity of native thistles in North America.

Participate in this training to learn about native thistles and ways to conserve them. This webinar will highlight the wide diversity of native thistles and the 130+ pollinator species and other beneficial insects known to visit native thistle flowers. Learn how native thistles can be propagated and incorporated into conservation plantings, along with management practices to reduce intrusion of invasive thistles. Current biological control programs and other land management practices aimed at invasive non-native thistles threaten native thistles, with some at risk of extinction.

Photo: Monarch nectaring on tall thistle (Cirsium altissimum) at Konza Prairie Biological Station. Photo credit: Judd Patterson.

This webinar is presented by USDA NRCS Science and Technology. Contact Holli Kuykendall, Ph.D., National Technology Specialist, for more information about this webinar.

Audio is Computer Broadcast only | Live captions

NOTE: A "view" button will be available within one week of the live presentation date to access the on-demand recording of this webinar.

Education Credit Hours: 1

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