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 "Wonderful Places, Beautiful Places" Garden Walk (Bay City & Auburn)

Sponsoring Organization: Bay City Garden Club

Date: June 22

Start Time: 11 am

End Time: 7 pm

Location : Six private gardens in Auburn

Description of the Event: 

Tickets for the Garden Walk are $10 in advance & $12 the day of the Garden Walk.
(purchase tickets online)

Our Garden Walk will have tastings at three of the gardens for an additional cost, and we will also have our Garden Market and plant sale. The Campbell garden will have wine and cheese, tickets are $3.00; The Dzurka garden will have popcorn and water, tickets are $2.00; and at the Drescher garden will have cookies and ice tea, tickets are $2.00. The Garden Market and plant sale will be at the Deshano home. Proceeds from the Garden Walk 2017 will go to to the Kantzler Arboretum project.

In addition, the following businesses are offering specials the day of the Garden Walk to those who show their garden walk ticket.
Artisans 10% off – 507 N. Auburn Rd, Auburn
The Auburn Greenhouses – 1310 W. Wheeler Rd, Auburn
O's Pub and Grill 20% off – 123 E. Midland Rd., Auburn
Warmbier Farms 10% off – 5300 Garfield Rd, Auburn
Tri City Furniture 10% off Fjords chair or sofa – 135 W. Midland Rd, Auburn

Tickets can be purchased at the businesses listed below: (or online "Tickets")
Abele's Green House & Garden Center – Saginaw
Artisan's Landscaping – Auburn
B's Boutique – Bay City
Bay Landscaping – Essexville
Begick Nursery & Garden Center – Bay City
Dow Gardens Gift Shop – Midland
Herman Hiss & Company – Bay City
Keit's Greenhouse – Bay City
Little House Creations – Bay City
Memories by Candlelight & The Petal Boutique – Bay City
My Secret Garden – Bay City
VanOoteghams – Essexville
Warmbier Farms – Auburn

Campbell Garden – The Campbell garden began as a vacant five-acre piece of property. After building their home in 2003, they started planting pine trees and State Street maples as a future wind block. After frequenting every nursery in the area, their yard has become a very peaceful retreat for all to enjoy and view. The landscape combines island gardens of flowering shrubs with spruce, pine, maple, ornamental plants, rocks and retaining walls throughout. It features unique plants like a chestnut and weeping birch trees. The yard comes to life in the spring with the blooming weeping cherry tree, forsythia bushes and Bradford pear trees. Color continues all summer with rose bushes, various perennials and annuals. The many landscaped gardens near the one-acre pond are accented with pathways and a rose garden in memory of Jackie's mother.

DeShano Garden – This southern farm house is situated on six acres which is mostly river flats. The backyard has a river running though it and a bridge with many ornamental grasses. Near the bridge is a large arbor with a beautiful yellow trumpet fine. Near the house is a white picket fence that encloses a small waterfall with a gravel path leading to the deck and gazebo. The river's edge is lined with day lilies and pine trees, a garden shed and Bob's work shed. The perimeter of the house has many colorful perennials and annuals. The DeShano's home is the perfect setting for many wildlife including many deer and wild turkeys.

Drescher Garden – When the Drescher's moved to their lovely farm house over 30 years ago, a third of an acre to the side of their home was empty and waiting for someone with a gardener's vision to create a canvas. It was a labor of love that created what is there today. A path will give you an up-close look at the many beautiful varieties of bushes, shrubs and flowers. The garden has changed over the years with the addition of small decorative trees, arbors and statuaries. It doesn't stop there. There are flowers and bushes all around the house and in various spots around the yard. A stroll through this property will surely take you back in time.

LeVasseur Garden – As a result of three generations of craftsmen and farmers, LuAnn's style of gardening is very much a hybrid of those to lifestyles. As an avid collector of family artifacts, a number of objects displayed throughout her gardens originate from past generations' dwellings and farms. While LuAnn's exact artistic taste changes over time, she always aspires to have a variety of plants that blend together to form a cohesive display of color throughout the year. The north garden is surrounded by a flagstone wall with a color palette of orange, blue and yellows. The south garden features field stones from her Dad's farm and a large rock from her Grandparent's home along with a bottle tree constructed by her Dad. The latest addition to the property is a cozy patio garden built with reclaimed bricks that provide a tranquil view of the tiered fountain. The entirety of the garden is intended to provide a comfortable space to meander and unwind

Resig Garden – This yard has several areas to relax and entertain. Jan's favorite area is the bricked courtyard by the front entrance. This sunny morning area has a flowering tree and lush ivy plus a 40 year old rhododendron which produces over 200 blossoms each spring. The front and south yards display a mix of blue, yellow and green shrubs with some beautiful perennials and a lovely row of miniature lilacs. Perennials and annuals in the backyard surround the deck and fence. Be sure to notice the yard art of concrete leaves which are hand made by Jan in the secluded work space behind the large pines. This is definitely a peaceful retreat.

Dzurka Garden – Although they wouldn't call their gardens formal, they are pleasing to the eye. They incorporate a vegetable garden in the back yard. Perennials bring a country feel to the city. They've planted flowers of all colors and to be sure there are blooms from spring to fall. The backyard is their favorite place to be during the flowering season.

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